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Academic Career & Govt Rules of Recruitment in GAC Maharashtra

One Must Know the Rules, Regulation Reservation Policy in Teaching Posts in Govt Ayurveda Colleges in Maharshatra.

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Language: Marathi, Hindi, English

Instructors: Dr.S.K.Danga

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Why this course?


आयुर्वेद महाविद्यालयातील  शिक्षक भरती संदर्भात नवीन आरक्षण धोरण काय आहे ?
What are the Guidelines for Appointment of Teaching Faculty?  
सहाय्यक प्राध्यापक, सहयोगी प्राध्यापक व प्राध्यापक या पदासाठी अनुभव व शैक्षणिक पात्रता याचे निकष
Allied subject and its Limitation in Govt Services ?
शासकीय अनुदानित आयुर्वेद महाविद्यालयातील शिक्षक भरती संदर्भात आरक्षण विषयी निर्णय
NPA-Non Practicing Allowance  (व्यवसाय भत्ता) Rules by Govt Of Maharashtra.Maharashtra Public Service Commission Recruitment Rules
New Rules of Recruitment by NCISM & MUHS.
How to become Fully Qualified for any Academic Posts ?

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